First Adventure

January 31, 2012

This blog inspired me to cook. I know I wasn’t going to start until next week, but I couldn’t help myself, so tonight I made dinner. I went to the store and bought everything I needed, to make this Garlic shrimp pasta. I got everything besides the Parmesan cheese (it’s expensive on a college budget) and added some steamed broccoli to give it some color 🙂

Garlic Shrimp Pasta

I also made a side of spinach salad with a crushed oats and honey granola bar we had and some raspberry vinaigrette dressing that I’m in love with; there was also garlic bread involved, because honestly, who doesn’t love garlic bread?! For dessert, we had strawberry cream cheese pound cake (thank you Wal-mart) that I may or may not have had to “fight” an old man for. (To clarify, he already had doughnuts, cupcakes, AND a chunk of red velvet cake in his basket, plus, my hands were on the pound cake first, so I feel that I was in the clear for that one, sorry.)

This recipe was really easy to make, which I was grateful for since it was my first adventure for this blog. There were only a couple of qualms I had with this. 1) It calls for a cup of chicken broth. To me, this is way too much I put about a half a cup in and the sauce was a bit runny, I had to let it simmer for a little extra time. 2) There wasn’t a ton of the garlic or onion flavor in it. I’m a fan of garlic and onion, so if I were to make this again, I would add at least another 2-3 cloves, plus more onion, possibly leaving it in larger pieces to bring out more flavor. Besides those two things though, this dish was very enjoyable. And at less that 200 calories a serving, while feeling like it’s a lot more, you really can’t pass this dish up.

Bene Mangia


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