Wake Up and Smell…The Peanut Butter!

Today was Superbowl Sunday and being a giant football fan, I should have been excited. But I wasn’t. I couldn’t have cared less about who was playing or what happened. In all fairness, I’m probably more of a Packer fan than a football fan, and seeing as how they weren’t in the Superbowl this year, I needed to make this day special in another way. So I wanted to start with a delicious breakfast. We don’t really carry a lot of breakfast-y foods in our apartment, because with our schedules if we can manage to scarf down a bowl of cereal in the morning, it’s considered a lucky day.

I looked around the apartment to see what random objects we had laying around that I might be able to throw together and make something wonderful. There was a banana that was getting quite ripe, about 6 slices of bread, a jar of peanut butter, and 4 eggs that needed to be used. Soon.

That’s when the breakfast idea hit me. Peanut butter and banana stuffed french toast. I had seen pictures and recipes online about baking this by putting it together the night before and so on, but I was not that prepared, so I decided to make it the old fashioned way and hope it turned out.

The Ingredients

I didn’t have a recipe per se, I was pulling together bits from each I had seen during my internet strolls. First, I mixed up 3 of the eggs and set them off to the side. Next I laid out 4 slices of bread and generously spread each side with peanut butter ( we LOVE peanut butter). The banana was “precisely” cut into quarter inch chunks. And by precisely I mean quickly cut into many different shapes and sizes with half laid on top of one side of the peanut butter bread duos. It was also at this time that I turned the skillet on medium heat with a light spray of canola oil so it would be ready ASAP.

Starting to get delicious!

Then the magic really started to happen. I put the bread together and dipped it in the egg, and into the pre-warmed skillet they went! The smell of melting peanut butter and amazing began to fill the apartment almost immediately. It was superfantasticawesome. It only took about 4-5 minutes before this:

Getting closer...

turned into this:

almost there...

and then another 4-5 until it was all finished and ready to head onto the plate. I mean, look at that gooey peanut butter! My boyfriend was getting quite anxious but I had to get some pictures of my very own creation 🙂 I warmed up the syrup, poured it all over the french toast and finally passed it off to him.

and time to Magia!

I was a bit nervous because I had no recipe for this, it was all on me if it didn’t taste quite right or there wasn’t enough of one flavor or the other…what if there was too much egg? Not enough peanut butter? Ahhhhhh stress. Haha but when I saw his face, I knew I was in the clear–

Crazy good face!

When all was said and done, Sunday was a good day 🙂 the entire weekend was, considering it involved a flea market and blue/purple velvet cupcakes at different points, but more on that later! For now though, I will allow  you to bask in the greatness of the last bites of my breakfast from today!

Bene Mangia


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2 thoughts on “Wake Up and Smell…The Peanut Butter!

  1. Lynn Bukowski

    Sarah, you crack me up:) Love your blog and look forward to watching what you have to post. Like the idea of the pb banana French toast. I might try that with Nutella…

    Oh, and Happy Birthday! Miss you.

    Lynn B

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